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Best Resources To Sell Digital Products Online In India

Sell digital products online in India

Digital products are becoming popular and selling these products can be a highly lucrative business for you.  If you can sell digital products like e-books, photos etc., you can build a long-term passive income stream as you have to create once and customers will keep buying.

Unlike selling physical products, you don’t have to invest and to maintain  inventory. These are some advantages to sell digital downloads as compared to selling physical products:

  • Long life and high profitability.
  • No packing, shipping and overhead costs.
  • Create the products once and keep selling for years.

There are awesome platforms where you can set up your online store for selling digital products like e-books, software, paid video tutorials, music files, images/ photos, audio and video files, etc.

If you don’t want to create your own website  to sell e-books, you can sell on Amazon  which is number one place to sell e-books.

Be sure to fulfill GST requirements. Consult your CA before you start selling digital goods online.

Here’s the list of best resources to sell digital products online in India.

1. Shopify

Shopify is world’s number one SAAS platform to create online store. You can sell both physical and digital products here.

To start selling, create a free account on Shopify and choose the subscription plan of your choice.

Then install free  “digital downloads app” developed by Shopify itself.

Upload digital files as products in your store. Here you can choose to send automated email with downloadable link to customer after successful checkout or to send the digital products to customers yourself.

If you want to host digital files with file hosting services like Dropbox, you can install third party apps like SendOwl and SkyPilot from Shopify app store. These apps offer other additional features as well.

2. Ecwid

Create an account on Ecwid to sell digital products online in India. Choose a premium plan starting Rs.700 a month. You can’t sell digital goods with a free plan. Upload the files in the product catalog just like selling a physical product.

Customers will get access to this file only after making the payment.

Allowed file sizes are 100 MB, 1GB AND 10 GB according to the premium plan you choose.

3. GoDaddy

Create online store on GoDaddy at Rupees 999 a month (after free trial for one month).

A customer purchasing a downloadable product receives a separate email with download instructions with a link to the purchased product.

Allowed file sizes are 500 MB. All file types are supported.

If the purchase was made with a credit card and the shopping cart payment options are set to “Before Authorization,” the download email is sent immediately after the transaction is completed.

If the payment is set to “Authorized,” you have to manually capture the funds and mark the order as “Shipped” before the download email is sent. If the purchase was not made with a credit card, the download email is sent after the order is set to “Shipped”.

Happy Selling!