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Product Photography Tips For Selling Online

When you sell products online, high-quality product photography can make a great difference in attracting customers and in boosting sales. The product photography tips in this article will help you take high quality images that lead to high conversion rate.

Good images are the only alternative to ‘Touch & Feel’.

Here are some product photography tips to help you showcase your products effectively:

  1. Use a good quality camera. Most of the smartphones will solve the purpose. But, if you want to use camera,  there are countless videos on YouTube that will help you choose one.
  2. Lighting: Good lighting is crucial for capturing clear and well-lit product photos. Natural light is often the best option, so try to shoot near a window or outdoors during daytime.  For more controlled lighting environment you can also use soft boxes or diffusers.
  3. Background: Use a white backdrop or other solid colors so it doesn’t distract viewers. Busy or patterned backgrounds take attention away from the item. Leading marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart do not allow sellers to upload images without white background. You can buy pure white backdrop online at affordable prices.
  4. Take multiple images:  Take photos of products with different angles, close-ups, and perspectives to highlight unique features or details of the product. Clear multiple images help the customers to study the product they are going to buy.
  5. Use a Tripod: Tripods help to hold the camera tight so that the camera doesn’t shake. This will ensure sharp and steady photos.
  6. Edit your photos: After taking your photos, perform basic editing to enhance the overall appearance. You can use Photoshop to remove any flaws in photos.  But, be careful, over-editing can give a negative impact.
  7. You can also hire a photographer or take help of someone if you are not confident about taking good quality photographs.

Remember, the goal of your product photography is to accurately represent your products while enticing potential buyers. With attention to detail and high-quality visuals, you can significantly improve your online sales.