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How To Sell On Instagram In India – A Beginners’ Guide

Sell on Instagram in India

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app. It has become quite popular place for shopping online. Businesses of all sizes are making use of this platform to generate more sales and increase the number of regular customers.

Instagram has introduced new features and tools to make it possible for sellers to take their business to any level. Make use of these tools to make your brand popular.


Set up a business account on Instagram. You can open a new business account or can convert your existing personal account to a business account. Just open your personal account and choose the option ‘Switch to Business Account‘ and you are done.’

Create your business profile in your business account and add your business information.

You can have maximum of 5 Instagram accounts. 

Benefits of Business Account:

  1. Get a username.
  2. Add your business contact information and business details.
  3. Add contact button.
  4. Add link to your online store.
  5. Get insights.
  6. Turn Instagram posts into ads.

You should also connect your Facebook page with your Instagram business account. By doing this, you will be able to:

  1. Sync business contact information.
  2. Share posts efficiently on both platforms.
  3. Set up shopping on Instagram.
  4. You can manage your messages across Messenger and Instagram from a single unified inbox.
  5. Run advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Open Your Shop

Businesses in India who didn’t take action to update their account to be in compliance with Instagram’s Commerce Eligibility Requirements by January 31, 2022, will no longer be able to access Shops features. While we are currently unable to support new Shops in India, we are working to expand access to eligible businesses.

As mentioned earlier, you can put a link to your store in your bio, but most people want better shopping experience and may not want to go away to another site. So, open your Instagram shop to help users make quick & easy purchase decisions.

You can integrate your product catalogue with your Instagram profile and share products in your posts and stories. You can tag 5 items per image or 20 items per carousel. You can also provide link to your online store where customers will be directed to.


Confirm Eligibility

1. Your business should be located in the supported markets. In India, Instagram shopping is supported through managed client feature.

2. Your business should have an eligible product to sell. You can not sell services. Only physical products are allowed.

3. Your business must comply with Instagram merchant agreement and commerce policies.

4. You need a website domain to sell from.

Convert to business account

We have already discussed about it.

Connect Facebook page with Instagram Business Account

You will see the option in your Instagram account to connect to Facebook page. Choose the option and follow the instructions.

Upload product catalogue

You can open your store in Shopify or Ecwid and import your product catalogue directly to Facebook. Or, you can  setup your shop on Facebook page by using “Shop” as a page template and add products using “Ecommerce Manager.”

After approval, turn on shopping features

After you have connected your product catalogue to Instagram, submit for approval. After few days, when your account gets approval, turn on shopping feature.

Use shopping tags

You can use shopping tags to highlight products in your feeds, Reels, live and stories. People can tap on these and learn more about your products. You can also use product stickers.


Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram ads to Increase the reach of your shopping posts.

Important tips to sell on Instagram in India

  • Find a niche and create posts and share images that provide value to users. Don’t just focus on generating sales, but be an active member of the community and post regularly.
  • Actively use hashtags to increase the reach to potential buyers.
  • Create Instagram Reels (short videos) and make them shoppable by adding product tags before publishing.