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15 Inspiring Ecommerce Quotes By India’s Leading Entrepreneurs

Here are some inspiring and motivational ecommerce quotes by India’s ecommerce biggies. The wisdom they have shared is invaluable. Online sellers who want to build big business must read every word and apply the knowledge shared by these successful entrepreneurs.

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E-commerce will be part of people’s daily lives, even in the remotest corners of India, by 2027.

Sachin & Binny Bansal- Founders Flipkart

There are very few times you find this perfect intersection of something that is great for customers, great for business, and great for the country. Ecommerce brings that harmony in place.

Amit Aggarwal, SVP India and Emerging Markets, Amazon.

I have got a ton of emails saying: ‘I too will start a startup.’ I think that was good to hear. Because we need change. We need more startups coming up, creating value.

Deepinder Goyal- Zomato CEO

I think, most importantly, my grandfather inculcated the importance of discipline in my life — being on time for things, not keeping people waiting, being a good listener.

Kunal Behl, Co-founder Snapdeal

Indian entrepreneurs are showing that they have fire in the belly and an intense desire to win and overcome all odds.

Supam Maheswari – FirstCry Co-Founder

I believe it’s very important for entrepreneurs to have a big vision and play the big game because the opportunity is there, the resources are there and if you’re spending your life doing it you’d rather try something big.

Bhavish Aggarwal – CEO & Chairman, OLA

I think there’s going to be many many opportunities in the urban convenience segment and we already believe that just doing justice to these is going to create a very very large business.

Sriharsha Majety – Founder and CEO, Swiggy

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Our long-term vision is to get 10 crore small businesses online. We will continue to focus on adding more entrepreneurs right now, and transition to the next level of communicating to users in good time.

Vidit Aatrey – co-founder and CEO, Meesho

With e-commerce at its peak, mobile commerce is also uniquely positioned to help industry players of all sizes manage their business more efficiently.

Rajiv Kumar – Founder and CEO, StoreHippo

What I believe is that unless you are absolutely in love with the thing you are going to do – that it doesn’t leave your brain even when you are in shower or just trying to sleep; it’s not worth taking the risk. You’ve to be absolutely convinced that ‘THIS IS IT’ that you should be doing!

Sanjay Sethi – co-founder and CEO, Shopclues

Being an entrepreneur requires you to surf through different turfs in one go. This needs passion and love for what you are doing. Find what you like. Find your purpose and everything else will fall in place.

Aman Gupta – CEO & Co-Founder, Boat Lifestyle

you should respond and react without any constraints to what has been done before or not. It’s a blank canvas that you’re drawing on. And you should not be constrained or you should not think about anything what’s possible or what’s been done before. So, the only rule of entrepreneurship is that there are no rules.

Abhinav JainFounder CEO Shop101 & Dash101

One should have details of what they are doing. They should have confidence while building the brand. There should be a transformation in a person, but he cannot be full of himself. The founder also needs to grow with the brand emotionally, not just the start-up.

Sujeet Kumar, Udaan Co-founder

There is no shortcut – confidence, gratitude and hope are the building blocks to successful leadership. Never be shaken by change, rather embrace and grow with it. Knowing when to react and not is what sets a leader apart from the rest.

Mr. Sampad Swain, Founder of Instamojo.

My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to dream big. When you are your own boss you have to be ready to do the oddest and smallest of jobs as and when required.

Richa Kar, Co- Founder & CEO of Zivame

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