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Sell On Walmart Marketplace USA -An Opportunity For Indian Sellers

Here’s an exciting opportunity for Indian online sellers. Walmart, is inviting select Indian sellers to sell on Walmart Marketplace, with a customer base of more than 120 million US shoppers every month. This will give a boost to the business of Indian online sellers as they will get access to global customers.

Building on our long history of partnership with Indian exporters, Walmart is now offering Indian businesses the opportunity to further their export dreams as Marketplace sellers. They will be able to leverage our global supply chain infrastructure and receive support to help them reach millions of daily customers in the U.S.
Michelle Mi, Walmart Vice President, Emerging Markets and Business Development – Global Sourcing

Some of the Indian companies that already sell on Walmart marketplace are: Touchstone Gems & Jewelry, Delphi Leather India, Mahi Exports, Welspun.

This initiative expands on over 20 years of Walmart’s engagement with Indian exporters. India is already one of Walmart’s top sourcing markets, and the company has set an ambitious goal of exporting $10 billion from India each year by 2027.


The company said that Selected sellers will be able to take advantage of Walmart Fulfillment Services, which allows them to use Walmart’s warehousing and delivery infrastructure in the U.S., along with platform tools that help them streamline their operations and manage promotions and feedback.

See how Walmart’s supply chain works: Walmart Fulfillment service.

The opportunity to easily access global consumers can be transformative for Indian sellers. Outstanding ‘Make in India’ brands can expand their global networks, learn export best practices and diversify their product categories in concert with Walmart as they take on the world.”           
Rajneesh Kumar, Flipkart chief corporate affairs officer
You can avail the opportunity to sell on Walmart marketplace by accessing  Vriddhi, a supplier training program started by Walmart and Flipkart, where they help MSME sellers develop business skills to begin selling overseas, generate employment and to increase exports.
Here’s an exciting news from Walmart India:

Lucknow, India, January 6, 2022: Walmart and Flipkart today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Export Promotion Bureau, Government of Uttar Pradesh, to create an ecosystem aiding capacity building for MSMEs in the state. Under the partnership, Walmart and Flipkart will help MSMEs digitize their businesses and enable them to sell products across India through online retail. They will also have an opportunity to unlock their export potential and become part of Walmart’s global supply chain.

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