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Top Marketplaces To Sell Internationally Online From India-The Beginner’s Guide

E-commerce has provided huge opportunity to entrepreneurs who want to sell internationally online from India. Products like handicrafts, apparels, artificial jewellery etc. are in great demand in different countries. So, there lies a vast potential for Indian suppliers and now is the right time to take the plunge.

Compare it with offline trade. If you have been struggling to find buyers abroad, you can understand how tough it is to procure export orders.

But now, different global marketplaces have made it easier for anyone to sell in multiple countries. Online marketplace which are an ideal choice for beginners have opened doors for traders and manufactures to sell their products globally.

The main advantage of selling through marketplaces is that problems related with global e-commerce like listing products and shipping are resolved to a great extent.

Important things to know before you sell internationally online from India:

  • Sell on local marketplaces to know how everything works and to gain experience of online selling.
  • Get your IE code number. You can apply online here: Director General Foreign Trade.
  • Learn about all the documentation, customs procedures etc. Hire a tax consultant and take his advice on every aspect of exporting goods. Do your homework thoroughly before launching to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Fix the MRP after carefully adding all the costs like  taxes & duties, shipping, return shipping, rate of exchange etc.
  • Make sure to comply with local laws of the country you want to sell in. Understand cultural differences, trade laws between countries and consumer preferences.
  • Don’t make product choice based on your experience with domestic selling. Product choices, demands and standards vary in countries. Do research to find best selling categories and latest trends in target countries.
  • Be very particular and strict about the quality or you will lose the trust of customers. Foreign buyers won’t give you a second chance.




Following is the list of the best marketplaces to sell internationally online from India:

1. Amazon

Has marketplaces in 11 countries. Start with selling to US customers then you can add more countries.  You will have to create a separate account on Amazon USA site even if you already are selling on Amazon India.

  • Phone number
  • International Credit Card
  • Tax Information.

You will also need to complete online tax interview as a non-US resident.

You can ship products yourself or through FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon). As shipping is a big challenge in international selling, FBA is the most suitable option as it reduces headaches like providing local address for product returns, faster deliveries, greater visibility, local language support etc.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba, world’s leading site for global trade, provides opportunities to Indian exporters to list their products for  international selling.

Join as a free member and apply for Gold Supplier Membership to gain credibility. You should create a detailed company profile with maximum number of products displayed. Alibaba also gives you an option to create a mini site.

You can also avail of the value added services that comes with Premium membership for greater product visibility and sales.

3. Etsy

Set up your shop at Etsy to get access to over 24 million buyers across the globe. Then, select shop’s language, country and currency to price your listings.

As per their policy, sellers can only sell:

  • Handmade items made or designed only by the seller. Of course, you can hire people or outsource work for manufacturing.
  • Vintage items (at least 20 years old).
  • Craft supplies like fabric yardage and patterns. Commercially made materials that are ready to be used as finished goods are not allowed.

Also, check these B2B sites for global selling where you can find buyers for international selling.

I hope this article will help merchants to sell internationally online from India. Any new marketplaces providing this opportunity in future will be added to the list. If you have any feedback or suggestion, please post in comments section below.


DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is based on what is mentioned on the listed websites, is correct at the time of this blog post and may change in the future.


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