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How To Sell On Amazon India – A Compact Guide

It is easy to register as a seller to sell on Amazon India.

You need GST number, bank details and PAN details to get started.

Click on sell on Amazon.

Enter name, email, phone and create password. After your phone number has been verified, you will be directed to fill this form. Enter your store name, product category and address.

sell on Amazon India

After this, enter your tax details. If you want to sell in GST exempted category, you need to mention that.

When you have created your seller account to sell on Amazon India. its time to list products. You can start with even a single product. There’s no minimum requirement but it is recommended to list 5 to 10 products.

Though most of the products don’t require any approval, make sure to check before listing about which product categories are restricted that require approval. Examples are: Grocery, Kids and Baby furniture, personal safety and household.

List products that are already in the Amazon catalogue. 

In your seller central account, under the Inventory tab, click on Add a Product.

You will see the option to Find your products in Amazon Catalogue.

Just enter the name of the product in Search box, you will see the products. Select the product you want to sell and choose the option that the item is New. As the product is already in Amazon catalogue, you don’t have to upload photos and don’t need to add product description.

Just enter MRP, your selling price, and the fulfillment channel – whether you will ship the item yourself or choose that Amazon will send the shipment.

For listing unbranded products that are not in Amazon catalogue, we have written this detailed article.

How To Sell Unbranded Products On Amazon India

Order processing

Once you receive order, click on ‘Manage orders’ under orders tab. Follow instructions depending on the shipment method you have chosen.

Read about steps to process the orders.

Shipping Methods

You need to ship the products faster for best customer service. Amazon offers 3 fulfilment models. You can choose whichever model you want to you. Select your option carefully after evaluating factors like speed of delivery, shipping cost and safety of the products. Following are the fulfilment models:

Self-ship: Choose courier of your choice. Print invoice generated while processing the order and paste it on the packaging. After shipping, submit the consignment detail in your seller central account. Amazon will handle the rest.

Easy-ship: This option is better than self-ship. Amazon will pick the products from your place and ship the item. Pack the item and schedule appointment for pick up. Amazon delivery associate will pick accordingly and deliver to the customer. Cash on Delivery option is also made available to the customer.

Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA): This service is available for all sellers. You need to submit additional documents and add Amazon warehouse as additional place of business in your GST registration. Your CA or a good tax consultant will handle that.

After that, send your products to Amazon warehouse. Amazon will pack and ship the products. Returns and customer service is also handled by Amazon. When you use FBA to ship the items, your products get more visibility with ‘Fulfilled by Amazon‘ label in your listings.

Learn the details about FBA.

Global selling

As an online seller you have the opportunity to sell to millions of customers in more than 200 countries through Amazon’s 15 international marketplaces. Apart from selling in domestic market, you should also plan to sell internationally as you will build a big business by reaching foreign markets.

Learn more about  global selling on Amazon.

Tips to increase  sales

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