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How To Sell Products On Meesho As A Supplier

Meesho is a popular reseller app in India. You can register as a supplier to sell products on Meesho. Resellers and direct customers will purchase your products. The advantage you have when you sell products on Meesho is you will also get wholesale orders in multiple quantities from resellers.

You can start selling on Meesho with even small investment. So, new sellers who don’t want to invest in inventory in the beginning, Meesho is an ideal platform. Meesho allows small enterprises and individual entrepreneurs to open their own business and earn money more effectively, as it does all its marketing on social media platforms.

Almost all of our friends and relatives use WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. As Meesho’s main business model is powered by resellers who sell by sharing products on social media. So it is easy to generate sales volume as the trust factor plays an important role.

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When you sell on marketplaces, you have to pay commissions on sales, but Meesho has 0% commission policy. Shipping charges are also reasonable. So this is the right time to avail this opportunity to become a supplier on Meesho.

Requirements to sell products on Meesho

  1. GST number
  2. Bank details
  3. Pick up address from where Meesho’s shipping partner will pick the products for dispatch. This address can also be different from the address mentioned in GST registration.

Sell products on Meesho 

After creating your supplier account, next step is to upload product catalogue. The process is quite simple and smooth. You can upload single catalogue or products in bulk. It is simple to list products and to design catalogs. 

Meesho has an awesome tool where you will get recommendations about the products that are in demand on Meesho. This is quite helpful for uploading relevant products and to generate more sales. Watch this video about how to use this tool.

As you will receive orders from resellers also, keep enough inventory so you can fulfill orders in multiple quantity..

Once you have uploaded the product catalogue, you will start receiving orders. You will get notification about the order received. Pack the product as per guidelines. Meesho’s courier partners will pick and deliver the product. Payment is transferred to your account on 15th  day of product delivery.

If a customer wants to return the product, Meesho’s logistic partners will pick the product from the customer.

Meesho’s seller dashboard  is quite user-friendly and straightforward. If you are selling on marketplaces, you will find handling your seller account much easier. You can upload products (local or branded) without any hassles. Watch the product recommendation video posted above in this article. You will know how easily you will be able to generate your first sale on Meesho. 

Pricing plays an important role in having a competitive edge while selling on marketplaces and reseller apps. After you have uploaded your product catalogue on Meesho, you will also be able to update pricing suggested by Meesho. Watch this video how price recommendation tool can help you sell at the most competitive price.