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Sell Online Without Investment With Reseller Apps In India

DISCLAIMERThe information provided below is based upon what is mentioned on the listed websites and is correct at the time of this blog post which may change in the future.

Anybody with a smartphone and an internet connection can start earning online as the opportunity is equal for everyone. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp now provide opportunity to its users to sell online without any experience. All you need is a passion to make money online.

But, inability to make investment is one of the hurdles for beginners to start their business. Indian women especially find it hard to start because of additional challenges like family responsibilities and restricted mobility.

Women especially housewives now have the opportunity to earn online while sitting at home by investing little time. Reseller apps have made it easier as you don’t need to buy products from suppliers for selling online. You can simply become a reseller on these apps and can sell online without investment.

Sellers, especially housewives who sell products like jewellery, clothing, gifts etc. to their friends, relatives and other contacts are hesitant  and don’t have the required knowledge. They have to ask their customers to deposit payments in their bank accounts or wallets, or they collect it offline.

Download one of these best apps on your mobile phone from Google Play or App Store on Apple. Just register, and you are ready to share products from their catalogs, mainly on WhatsApp, 





Tell people that you have started an online business and start sharing products to all your contacts. The more you promote your products by sharing, higher will be your sales volume. 

As the products listed are at wholesale prices, you will have the option to add  your profit margin as per your choice. 

Complete logistic support is provided by these reseller apps. The supplier will deliver the product to the customers. Your customers can place prepaid orders or can choose the cash on delivery option. Price shown on the customer invoice is the price fixed by you. Your profit margin will be transferred to your bank account after the order is  delivered. 

The supplier’s address is not written on the invoice. So the customer doesn’t know who is the actual supplier. Product returns are also handled smoothly by these reseller apps. Once you receive a customer complaint, you can place, as a reseller, a return request on the app and the courier partners will pick the product from the customer.

This is a great way to sell online without investment. But, If you want to sell your wholesale products through resellers, you can also register as a supplier on these apps. You need GST number for that. As a supplier, you can make good income as you will be selling to resellers in multiple quantities.