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The Fastest, Simplest Way To Sell On WhatsApp In India

If you are not confident about selling on marketplaces or to open your online store, you can simply sell on WhatsApp in India.

Of course, you can generate more sales from online store using SAAS like Shopify or by selling on marketplaces, sales on WhatsApp can help you make a decent income by selling with good profit margin as expenses would be much lower.

WhatsApp is increasingly becoming popular among Indians. Now, you can leverage your social network by offering them products for sale on Whats app.

Though more and more people have started selling on WhatsApp, the real challenge for a layman is to integrate a good payment gateway to collect payments from customers.

Sellers, especially housewives who sell products like jewellery, clothing, gifts etc. to their friends, relatives and different groups are hesitant  and don’t have the required knowledge. They have to ask their customers to deposit payments in their bank accounts or they collect it offline.

But, now there are easy solutions to help you overcome this barrier. You can now give  option to your customers to order using COD (Cash On Delivery). This is helpful especially when you sell out of your city.

There are creative reseller apps where you can start your online selling business as a reseller. The best thing is that you don’t need GST number to start this business.

How Reseller Apps work?

Download one of these apps from Google Play or App Store on Apple. Just register and you are ready to share products from their catalogues.

You will have the option to add  your profit margin and the supplier will deliver the product to customer and will collect payment if COD option is chosen. Your profit will be transferred to your bank account.

These are India’s top reseller apps:

  1. Meesho
  2. GlowRoad
  3. Wooplr
  4. Milmila
  5. Shop101
  6. Bigly

If you want to sell your products through resellers, You can also register as a supplier on these apps.

Watch this video to learn how these apps work.

More Ways To Sell On WhatsApp

To sell without using any reseller apps,, you can use Instamojo, to start accepting payments on WhatsApp without any hassle.

Share on WhatsApp what you want to sell and give your customers an option to pay via Instamojo. Customers too will find it easy to make payments with Instamojo. They will have options to pay by using netbanking, debit/credit card, wallets and  UPI.

The best thing about Instamojo is that you don’t have to pay any monthly charges or set up fee. You pay when you sell. Instamojo will charge only 2% + Rs. 3 per transaction. For example, for a transaction of 500 rupees, you will receive Rs.487( rs.500-rs.10-rs.3).

Sell on whatsapp in India

You can start accepting payments in three simple steps. It only takes a few minutes to get ready to sell on WhatsApp in India.

1. Sign up for free at Instamojo using your email id and phone number and by selecting a user name. You should select your business name as user name because this username is your financial identity online.

You can sign up here. There is no complicated documentation required. You only need to submit PAN card and Bank account details (Pass book or bank statement or cheque).

2. Create a payment link which has information about the product you are selling. Create multiple payment links for multiple products.

3. When you share products in WhatsApp chats, share this payment link as well so your customers  can proceed with the payment.

Happy Selling!


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