You are currently viewing Amazon Flex India – An Opportunity To Make Rs.120 To140 Per Hour

Amazon Flex India – An Opportunity To Make Rs.120 To140 Per Hour

Amazon has launched Amazon Flex in India to expand their delivery network which is a smart move. Amazon has already introduced Flex in 6 countries.

Students or those who are interested in making part-time income can avail this unique opportunity. You can earn 120 rs. to 140 rs. per hour and work as per your convenience. As a delivery partner, you will be required to deliver products to Amazon customers.

Amazon Flex delivers in these cities .

Who can join?

You need to fulfill the following basic requirements:

  • Your age should be 18 years or above.
  • You need to have your own conveyance with third party insurance. done.
  • You have a driving license.
  • You must have a  PAN card.

Important things to know:

To get registered, you need to download mobile app by visiting Amazon Flex website or by entering this url in your mobile phone web browser:

Fill the details as prompted to apply as part-time delivery partner through mobile app. Amazon will get your verification done through third party agencies. This is to ensure that you have filled the correct details and that no one with any criminal background join their network.

You will have the option to choose the time of your preference mentioned as ‘Delivery Block’. At present you will have the option to choose from different delivery blocks of 4 hrs. each as per your choice. You will be paid Rs. 500 per delivery block. Please note, Amazon will not pay you for any fuel costs.

You can also choose the area in your city where you find it suitable for you to deliver the products.

Amazon has also uploaded training videos in the app that you have to watch to complete the registration process.

Amazon pays you every week (Wednesday) via direct deposit to your bank account. You need to honestly do proper work in the delivery block allotted to you. Amazon will pay you after evaluating the expected number of deliveries you make in a given time.

Amazon flex is a wonderful opportunity to make a decent income. If you are looking to make some extra income, and like this business model, you should not miss this opportunity.

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