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Best, Proven & Legit Ways To Make Money Online

Number of business opportunities to make money online are increasing for the last few years and are becoming popular across the globe. There are countless stories of successful online entrepreneurs who have built fortune starting from zero.

It’s a great time to grab the opportunity to work part-time or full-time building an online business of your choice.

But you need to be careful as you may get trapped into different scams and get-rich-quick schemes. Remember, anything that is worth doing needs time and efforts.

Time is invaluable and needs to be spent wisely. So, the business proposal that you need to consider should be thoroughly investigated and researched.

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Here are some of the best and popular business opportunities to make money online:

1. Online Selling

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E-commerce is the hottest business trend especially in India where it is growing very fast. It is the right time to jump into this business. This blog was started with the sole purpose of helping anyone launch their online selling business from scratch and to help existing sellers expand their business.

Lakhs of sellers across India are earning decent income by selling stuff online. Read this detailed guide:

How To Sell Online In India – A Compact Guide For Beginners

2. Blogging

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Blogging has become a popular business these days. There are numerous success stories of bloggers making hundreds and thousands of dollars every month.

Blogging platforms like WordPress and Wix have made it easier for anyone without much technical know how to start a blog or to become a professional blogger.

Once you start having a decent following, there are different proven ways to monetize your blog like: selling e-books or other products, affiliate marketing, adSense etc.

3. YouTube Videos

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YouTube is the second largest search engine where you can find videos on almost any topic. It is becoming favorite as people love  to access audio-visual information instead of reading text. Take advantage of this growing trend and start a YouTube channel to make money online.

Think of some creative idea and make videos providing useful information that people are looking for. You can also see the most viewed videos to get ideas.

Google gives you an option to monetize videos by inserting ads using AdSense once your channel crosses 10,000 views. There are other ways to make money with your channel like promoting affiliate links.

4. Sell courses on Udemy

make money online selling courses

Online training and courses are preferred by learners as they are willing to pay for a comprehensive course rather than doing research over the internet.

You can make money online that is regular and passive by creating a course on virtually any topic. Find out what you are proficient in and start a course in that. Sites like Udemy provide an opportunity to list your course for sale. It is the most popular global marketplace to sell courses and it’s free. If you can create a course, put it for sale here.

5. Freelancing


Make Money Online

Freelancing holds a really bright future as businesses have learned to cut down the costs of hiring employees. They, instead prefer hiring freelancers who can do the job on demand charging nominal fee.

There are sites like Fiverr where you can make your profile and offer services. Freelancing is especially suitable for those who want to work from home. You can buy a service for $5 to see how freelancing actually works.

6. AliExpress Affiliate Store

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This is really a unique business opportunity where you can make a stream of passive income by creating an online store without investing in inventory.

AliExpress is the biggest global marketplace (bigger than eBay and Amazon combined) where you can find amazing deals on Chinese products especially for reselling.

Create a site on WordPress and install AliPlugin. Become an affiliate of AliExpress and AliPlugin will easily add thousands of AliExpress products to your site and will put your affiliate IDs in all the links back to AliExpress who will pay you commission on every purchase.

7. Web designing/Development


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Web development and web designing is another lucrative field where you can make huge income because every business needs online presence. There is an increasing awareness about the importance of owning a website, blog and online store.

India is a “do-it -for -me” country and you will find so many clients who want you to set up their website. If you are not a qualified techie, you can learn basic HTML, CSS and other languages to start building websites.

Codeacademy is a great resource where you can join over 25 million students who are learning to create and design websites for free.

8. Digital Marketing/SEO

make money online with digital marketing

Digital marketing agencies are being hired by companies and websites and their need is increasing a lot. With solutions like WordPress and Wix, creating website has become easier than ever but getting your site found in search results is a real task. That is where the role of a digital marketing experts becomes important .

There are amazing resources where you can learn about digital marketing and specialize in one or two fields and then start offering your services. You can also do a course on Udemy.

9. Write and sell Ebooks

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Ebook publishing is  solid venture for those who want to make money online. Thanks to internet, you no more require big investment and a publisher to get your book out there. All you need is a computer and writing skills of course. If you can’t write, you can hire writers.

Choose a niche and get your book online. Amazon’s Kindle Publishing is a great platform to start with. Here, you can also publish paperbacks and sell on Amazon marketplace.

10. Buy Sell Domains

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Domain flipping is another popular and easy way to make money online. The idea is simple. Buy a good domain name from Godaddy or some other registrar at a regular price and sell it at a premium price or put it for auction.

Domains like and were sold for $35million and $16 million  respectively. These are rare examples just to give you an idea about the potential. But now as most of the single word domains are sold, you need to be creative and buy unique name to make a sale.

Even if you manage to sell a domain for 100 or 200 dollars, you can make a decent side income.

GoDaddy and Sedo are the popular resources to sell domains. You can also sell website at Flippa.

Warning — Don’t get overexcited and avoid investing in just any name. First, do some research and have an idea about what kind of domain names will be sold otherwise you may end up wasting money.