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A Powerful Tool To Find Reliable Chinese Suppliers

It is one of the biggest challenges for Amazon sellers who want to import from China, to find reliable Chinese suppliers. Once you find a product to sell on Amazon, you need to identify a legitimate and the highest quality supplier to manufacture it.

These are some important points sellers need to keep in mind:

  • On sourcing sites like Alibaba, there are lots of scammers or traders who pose as manufacturers. It is difficult to recognize the legitimate suppliers.
  • When  buying from a trading company, its not possible to get the best price as traders will keep their profit margin.
  • Sellers might end up dealing with suppliers who don’t provide the best product quality.

World’s no.1 Amazon research tool, Jungle Scout has launched one of its kind ‘Supplier Database‘ feature for Amazon sellers to make it easier to find high-quality trusted suppliers. It is the only Amazon Research Tool that gives you data about:

  • Potential suppliers
  • Their Customer volume
  • History of confirmed shipments

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Using this database, you are able to get information about the reputed suppliers who specialize in the products you want to import.

The Supplier Database has data for goods imported to the US only but it can be used to find a supplier to import to any country.

So, you can use this information for importing products to India.

As US is the largest importer of goods in the world, you can use US import data to find top and reputed suppliers.

Here’s how this data can help you find reliable Chinese suppliers:
  • You can identify suppliers who have a strong track record, specialize in producing similar products and have production processes suitable for your product.
  • A mind-blowing feature of this database is that you can know about the suppliers of your competitors on Amazon. And, if a factory is manufacturing for major brands, that is undoubtedly a legitimate supplier. This information will give you a huge advantage for competing against other sellers on Amazon. Read this article on how you can gather this information:

    How to find a competitors company name to use in a Supplier Database search

  • Know the shipping history of suppliers along with information about which products they commonly export and the quantity supplied. A consistent and long history of shipping means the supplier is well experienced in exporting goods all over the world.
  • You can verify whether the supplier is genuine and trustworthy and whether he is a trader or manufacturer. Jungle Scout includes refined suppliers with valid shipping history only.
  • Some buyers need to import smaller quantities. Not all suppliers are willing to do that. This database gives you an insight about genuine suppliers who are ready to ship smaller quantities.
  • JungleScout also gives you information about the high quality suppliers who don’t list themselves on marketplaces like Alibaba.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use Supplier Database:

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