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Local Shops On Amazon – Generate More Sales With Local Customers

If you have offline store, retail shop or a kirana shop you can enroll in ‘Local Shops on Amazon’ program to deliver orders to customers in your city through your own delivery associate, or, through Amazon courier partner.

Your local shop will help you  serve more customers from the local area and generate more sales because of faster delivery.

If you are already selling on Amazon, Local Shops on Amazon‘ will help you generate additional revenue, 

Who is eligible to set up local shop on Amazon?

The following eligibility criteria applies

  • You will be required to deliver all your Self Ship orders on the Same day, One day and Two days.
  • You will be required to offer free shipping to all Prime customers on all products assigned to Prime shipping template. You can continue to charge non-Prime customers for same day and one-day delivery. Two-day delivery will be free for all customers.


As people prefer buying from sellers with a prime badge, you will generate even more sales with ‘Local Shop Prime.’.

You can also sell outside your city and state. You have to mention places where products will be delivered in specified delivery time. Choose carefully, if you want to sell outside your city. 

Being a local supplier, you can also provide value added services like product demos. or installation (if applicable). But, this is not a mandatory requirement.

Only self-ship options are available for local selling. It is recommended to use courier partners suggested  by Amazon, but If you choose to deliver on your own, you will have to use the Amazon Delivery App to update the delivery status of packages.

If you are already selling on Amazon, this will not affect your shipping preferences on other channels like Easy Ship, Fulfilment by Amazon that you are currently enrolled on.

Rules are strict. You should enroll for this program only if you have enough inventory and can deliver the products as promised. Violation will make you ineligible to take advantage of this program.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is based upon what is mentioned on the Amazon official website, is correct at the time of this blog post and may change in the future.