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Create An Affordable, Stunning & Secure Online Store In India

It’s not so easy to create online store in India especially for the beginners. Any new small business owner is reluctant  to open store because of multiple factors like complexity and pricing.

Though, different e-commerce SAAS platforms have made it easier for anyone even without any technical knowledge to open online store with ease, newbies have to struggle to customize it or to hire some expert.

But, now you can open stunningly beautiful and affordable online store in India using fully-hosted solutions — Wix and Ecwid, which is super easy to set up and is perfect for the beginners.

WIX is a popular cloud based free hosting and website builder where you can create a professional website without any coding skills using drag and drop editor. When you create store on WIX, all the technical stuff including security is taken care of by them. More than 100 million users in 18o countries have created websites on Wix.

You have two options to create online store in India using Wix:

1. Use ‘WIX store builder‘. The only problem Indian online sellers have with this option is that they can not use any payment gateway like CCAvenue or PayU. Wix doesn’t support Indian payment gateways at present. But, you can give choice to customers to pay offline or can give instructions to pay using UPI. Choose this option if you don’t want to use payment gateway service.

Price: Rs. 550 a month

2. Install Ecwid app in your wix store. Ecwid offers amazing features that merchants of any business size need to sell online. Ecwid also solves the problem of integrating Indian payment gateway as it allows you to use PayU, a popular payment gateway service in India.


Wix hosting: Rs. 247 a month

Ecwid: Free for 10 products and Rs. 560 a month (paid annually) for up to 100 products.


For selling 10 products: Rs. 250 a month

For selling upto 100 products: Rs. 250 (Wix)+ Rs. 560 (Ecwid)= Rs.810 a month

Compare with any e-commerce SAAS platform, this is the most affordable solution without compromising on quality and features.

Both WIX and Ecwid provide rock solid security which is an essential requirement for any e-commerce site. All sites on Wix are also enabled with HTTPS which is good for your customers and they feel confident to make transactions on your store.

Follow these steps to create online store in India using Wix and Ecwid:


Open account on WIX. Create your free account here. All you need to enter is your email address and a password.


Choose a template of your choice. There are hundreds of templates to choose from.


Choose a domain name for your store. If you don’t have one, you can get free domain with WIX premium plan option that starts at Rs.247 a month. Wix also offers domain privacy to help protect your confidential information. You will have to connect this domain to your site created on Wix.


Now go to Ecwid and open an account there. You will get free starter site with an option to upload 10 products. To sell more products, you need to opt for the paid plan. You can configure your ecwid store on as many sites as you want using any platform like WordPress or Joomla and not only WIX. You can also sell on Facebook using Ecwid.


In your WIX website, go to ‘App Market’ and add free “Online Store App by Ecwid”. An online store will automatically be created. Now you can easily manage your Ecwid store from there. Also, any changes you make on Ecwid will automatically reflect on your Wix store.


As you can see in the image below, online store is added to your awesome site. Now replace the demo images with your own and do other settings in Ecwid to start selling. Double click on the blue button to setup your store.


You will see this popup. As you already created account on Ecwid (step 4), sign in and if you didn’t create earlier you can create now. Once this is done, you have a live store.

Go, create online store in India on WIX.