sell online without website in india

How To Sell Online Without Website In India

There are many effective ways to sell online without website in India. But, if you need to establish your brand, having an online store is the best decision you can take.

What stops most e-commerce enthusiasts is the initial investment required to set up their store.  Also, there is a working capital requirement to keep stock of sufficient inventory.

In the beginning, you may also like to gain some experience and knowledge and would not like to invest in your own store. There are other popular platforms you can use to successfully establish your online selling business without website in India.

Selling on these channels is not a substitute for your website. As mentioned earlier, you need to have your own e-commerce website to really establish your brand and to build a big business.

Here are the popular & effective ways to sell online without website in India


Online Marketplaces


sell online without website in India
sell online without website in India

Millions of online merchants are today selling on different marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. You can create seller account on these marketplaces. They have made it quite easier for anyone to launch their online selling business and have free seller training tutorials that makes you expert even if you are a complete beginner.

You can also sell on B2B marketplaces if you want to sell in bulk.

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sell online without website in India
sell online without website in India

There are different ways to sell on Facebook. For this, you need to create a business page first.

You can promote your page to your Facebook friends and request them to promote it among their friends. Join different groups related to your niche and start promoting your products in these groups. This way, you can build a huge customer network.

Facebook also allows you to create a shop to sell to your followers. You can make use of Facebook advertising to target the potential customers.

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sell online without website in India
sell online without website in India

You can sell on WhatsApp to your friends and other contacts. You may already be a member of some groups selling different items. Take advantage of this opportunity. Find products that are really unique and offer these at competitive prices.

There are different ways to sell on WhatsApp. I have written a separate post on this. You can read here: How To Sell On WhatsApp.

If you are running an offline business and don’t want to invest in your website, you can sell online by installing WhatsApp Business. You can create your business profile and start selling products and even accept payments.


sell online without website in India
sell online without website in India

Instagram offers great features that help businesses to connect with their customers and to make sales. You must take advantage of this huge opportunity. Create your business profile on Instagram and promote special offers, discounts etc.

If you are not yet active on Instagram, get started today. Meanwhile you can advertise on Instagram to target millions of potential customers.

Instagram For Business is a great  resource for learning about basics of growing your business on Instagram. 



sell online without website in India
sell online without website in India

YouTube is one of the best platforms to sell products especially when you are a wholesale supplier. Countless  merchants have successfully created huge sales volume and have made long-term customer network through YouTube videos.

Make videos of your products explaining every detail that customers need to know about. This is also a great way to give personal touch because when buyers can see the product, they can make a  good buying decision. Give your contact details in the description and in the video.

Google My Business


sell online without website in India

Google has a great tool to promote local business. As people search online (mostly from their mobiles) for everything nearby, need for an online presence is a must for any business.

Google offers free listing in ‘Google My Business’. You can promote your offline shop by posting  photographs, discount offers etc. by getting listed there.

Google also offers a free website which gets pre-filled with details you give in your listing.

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