Shopify India Pricing – Choose The Right Plan For You

Shopify India Pricing

Shopify India Pricing

Shopify is the world’s best SAAS platform to build online store. That is why we always recommend it to our readers.

As Shopify offers different subscription plans, it may sometimes become difficult to decide about which plan to choose. Carefully think about e-commerce needs of your business and study all the features offered in different plans before you select the right one for you.

Different Shopify India pricing  plans are available for business of any size – from beginners to enterprise level.

The most basic plan  Shopify Lite starts at Rs.1499 a month. You can start selling on Facebook or add buy button to already existing website or blog. Good for those who have limited products and don’t need a fully featured store.

As checked in September, 2023, Shopify is running an amazing offer. You can get 3 months subscription at only 20 rupees a month. This offer will continue till further announcement.

For beginners who are small business owners and new to online selling, Basic Shopify plan at Rs.1994 a month is the best choice. Once their business grows, they can always upgrade for accessing additional features.

To access features like abandoned cart recovery for remarketing to customers who didn’t make a purchase, choose Shopify plan (Rs. 7447 a month). You can also generate physical and digital gift cards for special promotions.

For more advanced features, use  Advanced Shopify at  Rs. 30164 monthly package.

For large scale businesses and brands, Shopify offers enterprise e-commerce solution Shopify plus. You need to get in touch with Shopify to use this platform. Companies like L’oreal, Royal Enfield  and Raymonds  are using Shopify gold.

Before buying the package of your choice, you get 14 days free trial without giving any payment details. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your account anytime. After completing the trial you can choose the plan according to your needs and opt for either monthly or annual payment plans.

With all plans, Shopify gives you a free domain name ( and a free SSL certificate. You can also buy your own domain name on Shopify. If you already have one, you can link it to your shopify store following few simple steps. Read this article to set up your existing domain in Shopify.

At present Shopify offers payment option in Dollars, but let’s hope they enable merchants to pay in rupees in near future.

Shopify India Pricing