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Best Places To Sell Handmade Items Online In India

Different marketplaces provide opportunity to merchants for selling anything but as handmade items have a huge demand, there are sites where you can exclusively sell handmade items online in India.

You can of course sell handmade crafts on Flipkart and Amazon, but there are countless entrepreneurs, craftsmen, artisans etc. who need an exclusive platform where people can find unique range of handmade and natural goods only.

You can set up your own exclusive online store or you can sell on marketplaces. Shopify is the  best solution to create online store of your dreams. It provides you the training, tools, and support to sell handmade items online.

The exclusive marketplaces provide perfect platform for creative entrepreneurs to showcase their products in front of thousands of customers from India and overseas. You would require Importer Exporter code (IE) number to sell internationally.

Here’s the list of marketplaces where you can sell handmade items online in India:


sell handicrafts online in india

Etsy is a creative global online marketplace, where you can sell unique items internationally. You can sell handmade goods, craft supplies and vintage (20 years or older).

There’s a listing fee of $0.20 per item and 5% commission on every sale. If there is no sale for 4 months, listing is cancelled. After the sale, you are paid via Paypal.

Etsy has promotional tools to help you get more exposure of your products. You have the option to choose from ‘Standard’ and ‘Plus’ plan. They are soon launching ‘Premium’ plan.


marketplaces to sell handmade items online in India

ArtyOwl allows skilled curators, creative entrepreneurs, artists and freelancers to sell their artworks.

You have to pay one-time non-refundable registration fee. Seller registration is valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of payment. You may contact their support team for waiver of this fee which they can allow or refuse.

Read their FAQs for more details.


Happy Selling!