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How To Sell On Multiple Marketplaces In India Online


Once you have enough experience  and learn the tips and tricks of selling on a marketplace, its time to sell on multiple marketplaces in India like E-bay, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Paytm etc.

If you sell on your own by creating accounts on different marketplaces, it becomes a tedious and exhausting task. You have to operate from separate dashboards, keep separate accounts and inventories which consumes too much time.


With competition getting fierce, it is a smart move to choose an e-commerce solution where you can sell on multiple marketplaces.

It is quite easier than you think. These sites provide you with a single dashboard from where you can manage all the marketplaces.

There are so many benefits of selling on multiple channels, mainly:

  • These tools provide you with centralized inventory and order management systems.
  • This increases your efficiency many times so that you can focus on your business.
  • You get broader customer base. These sites can increase your business as listing on multiple channels can bring more customers.
  • You are able to build your brand  and credibility.
  • The whole process is automated. You save time, efforts and manpower.
  • These tools help you simplify your online sales and you become more organized and productive.

Important points to remember before you sell on multiple marketplaces in India

  • Do your homework about which marketplaces are right for you.
  • Products are differently priced at different marketplaces. So you have to plan your listing price accordingly.
  • You need to have enough inventory ready to be shipped as you are likely to receive more orders daily. If you don’t ship the items before deadline, this will give you negative ranking which can seriously impact your reputation as a seller. Marketplaces are very strict regarding this and your account may get  suspended if you do this repeatedly.

There many great websites which help you sell on multiple marketplaces in India without headaches. You pay a monthly fee and as a return these companies handle all the job for you.


The information provided here is based on what is mentioned on the listed websites, is correct at the time of this blog post and may change in the future.

Sellers are advised to use these services after checking with the marketplaces they are selling on. Some marketplaces may restrict sellers (and even take strict action} to use third party solutions listed in this article as you need to share private information  with these sites. Read this.

Following is the list of some leading  players:


multiple online marketplaces in India


sell on multiple marketplaces in India


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