Increase Your Online Sales With Flipkart Assured Badge


Flipkart Assured


Flipkart has launched ‘Flipkart Assured’ – a great service to make shopping experience better and to build confidence among consumers while making purchases.

This service is free for all the customers.

‘Flipkart Assured’ badge will be visible on select products listed by its top sellers. These products will be delivered within 2 to 4 days. Shipping is free for orders above 500 rupees.

The F-Assure badge is given to sellers that pass through 6 stringent quality checks from storage to packaging, so customers are assured of the best quality, safe packaging and faster deliveries.

This is a great move that will counter recently launched ‘Amazon Prime‘, which is a paid service and is not for all customers.

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Why do sellers need ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge?

As customers can filter products with ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge and would prefer to buy these, don’t let yourself be left behind. You need to earn this badge to have increased sales volume. You will be able to use the ‘Flipkart Fulfilment’ service.

Flipkart team reviews the performance of sellers before they are allowed to use the  ‘Flipkart Assured’ service.

Flipkart’s team of data scientists has developed a unique algorithm that computes an array of data inputs including but not limited to customer returns, ratings, seller cancellations and other performance-related factors integral to a great customer experience. The algorithm badges a product as ‘Flipkart Assured’ based purely on performance.


For more details read this.

Some sellers especially new and small ones will suffer as they may not meet these strict standards.

So, sellers should focus on these points:

  • Sell unique products which are in great demand to maximize sales.
  • Ensure good quality to minimize return rates.
  • Follow guidelines and stick to rules. Keep studying about how to increase sales.

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Get in touch with Flipkart seller support for tips to help you earn the badge. Their support staff is highly courteous and will guide you at every step.