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How To Sell Without GST Number In India

UPDATED ON 7/2/2024


The information provided in this article is not a legal advice. You should consult your CA or tax consultant for further clarifications.

GST number was made mandatory for online sellers because there is no turnover threshold for inter-state selling unlike for intra-state selling where threshold limit applies. For ecommerce, whether you sell locally or inter-state, GST number is compulsory.

Now this really is a challenge for small sellers especially the new ones or for those who want to start home-based business. They find it a big headache to get GST number.

So, they either choose to sell through WhatsApp or Facebook groups. Some even take the risk of selling without GST number which may result in paying heavy penalties.

Though there are advantages of having GST number but for new aspiring sellers it definitely is a hurdle. That’s why we keep on receiving queries from our readers about possible ways to sell without GST number.

When you go to register as a seller on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart etc., they ask for GST number along with other documents like PAN number etc.

Remember, marketplaces want to register more and more sellers as it is their business as well. Their earning depends on success of their sellers. They do every effort to help sellers generate more sales.

So they try to make registration as easy as possible. If they are asking for GST number, that must absolutely be compulsory as per law. Why would they unnecessarily make it difficult for new sellers if it’s not mandatory.

Now this does not mean you can not sell online without GST.

Here’s some relief for marketplace sellers:

Here are some other ways to sell without GST online

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