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Best Online Marketplaces In India That Can Make You Rich

Online marketplaces in India

Online Marketplaces In India

Marketplaces are the ideal platforms for new sellers to launch their e-commerce ventures. Online marketplaces in India have made it easier for new and established merchants to sell products online.

As there is heavy traffic on marketplaces, you have a great opportunity to take your business to any level. Marketplaces allow you to list products and then charge nominal commission on each sale you create.

Before you list products on any online marketplace in India, keep in mind to first get GST number for selling taxable items as there is no exemption for online sellers. You also need  Importer Exporter code from the DGFT (Director General Foreign Trade) for selling internationally.

Due to increasing number of complaints by the consumers, marketplaces are getting stricter. So, sell original and good quality products, follow the guidelines and don’t break any rules or your account might get cancelled. Above all, be honest and ethical.

Documents required to sell on online marketplaces in India

Mostly all the marketplaces would ask you to upload following documents except one or two additional ones:

Though there are many online marketplaces in India, following is the list of best ones.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided below is based upon what is mentioned on the listed websites and is correct at the time of this blog post which may change in the future.


You can list unlimited number of products. You have to pay on sales. There is no listing fee but fixed closing charges of Rs.20 per unit sold and referral fee starting 6% and above depending upon the product category.  Merchants can avail services like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) , Easy Ship and Prime to boost up sales.

There is no minimum requirement to sell using their fulfillment service (FBA). You can start with even a single product.

Amazon also offers great opportunity for sellers to reach international buyers by allowing them to sell in USA, EU and Japan.


This is one of the leading online marketplaces in India. To register as a seller, you have to upload required documents as mentioned earlier in this article.

Flipkart has their own logistics and pickup service Ekart, which is a big advantage for sellers. You can also use their fulfillment service but you need to have a good track record for that.

There is no listing fee. You are charged a Rs. 20 fixed fee, commission on sales and nominal Ekart shipping charges.


Meesho is an immensely popular reseller app in India. You can register as a supplier and sell your products in multiple quantities to resellers. Meesho has been able to dominate the market because of 0% commission policy.

You can sell products at a competitive rate and can earn decent profit as you don’t have to pay any commission and lowest cost shipping fee. Product Listing is also easier.


Just like Meesho, GlowRoad is another popular reseller app in India. GlowRoad is now a part of Amazon India. It also offers features like 0% commission and low shipping cost.


This is a highly progressive marketplace which is providing excellent services to merchants. If you are a business entity, you can register as a seller, get verified and start selling.

The great thing about Shopclues is that you have your own store (your You can also register a custom domain and have There is no fee for setting up the store and for listing the products. You pay commission on sales. You can choose between different product delivery options.


There is no listing fee and you pay commission only on what you sell. The amount of commission is shared with merchants  on their website but as per the feedback given by existing sellers you can expect it to be around 15%.

On Snapdeal, you can sell used products as well.


This global marketplace is for creative e-tailers where they can sell handmade goods, vintage items( at least 20 years old) and craft supplies.

Listing fee $0.20,  transaction fee 3.5% and Paypal transaction fee.

You can  join Etsy India team as a seller. To learn about how you can sell here, read this.


Here you can sell products falling in these categories:

Furniture, Home Decor, Appliances, Furnishings, Housekeeping, Kitchen and Dining, Lamps and Lighting, Bath.

To sell on Pepperfry, register here.


Here, you can only sell apparel, footwear, fashion accessories and beauty care products. You first need to submit your proposal. Myntra will  review the proposal and will contact you.

Not much information was found for e-tailers on the following sites. You can check yourself now or contact their support staff for details.


Funded by leading global investors, Droom is India’s first mobile marketplace to buy and sell automobiles with simple, quick and trustworthy transactions.

You can sell as an individual or as a professional seller. There is no listing fee and you can list unlimited products. Pay only when you sell.

For details, read their FAQ page for sellers


Viewing the sporadic growth of online marketplaces in India, this is the right time for the entrepreneurs to take plunge into this business. So make your business plan today to sell on the marketplace of your choice. You can also sell on multiple marketplaces.

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