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Why You Must Use YouTube For Ecommerce success

YouTube For Ecommerce Success

With an increase in competition in almost all product categories sold online, merchants are always looking for new ways to attract more customers.

YouTube is the world’s biggest and most popular video sharing site and a search engine. It’s  a free platform you can use to promote your online store and to tap into new markets.

No. of people who watch videos looking for information on search engines is increasing greatly for the last few years. Moreover, with the advent of smartphones and cheaper 4G data plans, users can watch plenty of videos without bothering about data consumption.

Online merchants must take advantage of the increasing popularity of YouTube and use it as an effective marketing platform.

According to Sandvine’s 2019 report, YouTube accounts for 35% of all global mobile internet traffic. 

That is why both large and small enterprises use its immense power to market their products. You might have watched merchants selling through YouTube videos. Some of them don’t even have their ecommerce website.

If you are running an online store, you need to have a YouTube channel to bring more traffic and to generate more sales. Here’s why you must use YouTube For Ecommerce:

1. You can increase brand awareness with your videos. You can keep your customers informed about your products by explaining features, usage, benefits etc.

youtube for ecommerce india

2. Videos help you gain new customers and to retain the existing customers. People who watch your product videos are more likely to make a purchase as visual presentation has a much greater impact than a written text.

3. You can give a link to your online store in video description that gets you an additional SEO advantage. This will help increase your store’s visibility in search engines.

4. ‘Comments’ feature in YouTube helps you to interact with and to take feedback from potential customers. You might also get wholesale queries that can help generate huge volume.

5. You can use YouTube to directly sell products even if you don’t have a website. There are B2B merchants who sell wholesale by making video channels for marketing.

6. YouTube advertising can be highly effective if you keep some budget for ad expenses. Make stunning, engaging video ads and take advantage to reach more customers. You can also ask other popular video creators to make your product reviews or you can sponsor their videos.

For some inspiration, watch these popular video ads that have millions of views.



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