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How To Sell Unbranded Products On Amazon India

When you are selling branded products on Amazon, most of them are already listed in the catalogue, you just have to add the price. But, when you want to sell unbranded products on Amazon, you need to mention the product ID which is the bar-code of the  product and is also known as GTINGlobal Trade Item Number (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN).

As unbranded products do not have GTIN, you need to get GTIN exemption.  While listing, just  enter “Generic” in the brand name field.

You need to obtain exemption for a particular brand in a specific product category. It is also required if you are not a brand owner and still want to sell your products.

Amazon India 

Follow these steps to sell unbranded products on Amazon India.

Create your seller account on Amazon,

Go to your Seller Central and  under, Inventory tab, click on

Add a product’.

Now, click on ‘I am adding a product not sold on Amazon.

Choose the  category in which you want to sell your products. You can also search for the relevant category by entering the product name in the search box. Click on  select a product category.


On the listings page, fill the details about the product. Fields marked in red are mandatory. 

Fill product i d, product name and other vital information. You can apply for GTIN exemption if you don’t have a product I D. As you can see Amazon guides you about the details of every option.


After filling the vital information, click on the Variation tab, to add details about color, size or material etcetera. Under the Offer tab, mention the price at which you want to sell the product. Also fill:

Seller SKU, Quantity, Item condition and MRP.

Choose, how you will ship the item. After this, add images of the product. You can add up to 9 products.

If you don’t have product id, you can apply for G T I N exemption to sell unbranded, generic products. It is a simple one time process to apply for G T I N exemption. Lets learn how to apply.



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