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Popular Wholesale Markets In India For Buying Offline

wholesale markets in India

India is known for its vibrant wholesale markets, where you can find a wide variety of products at competitive prices. The availability of products in these wholesale markets in India may change over time, so you must recheck before visiting the listed markets.

We are giving here list of some popular markets but  there are many good wholesale markets across different cities in India.

You should always do some research and explore local markets when looking for specific products or categories. You can also check online B2B marketplaces

Here are some of the popular wholesale markets in India:



Sadar Bazaar: Located in Old Delhi, Sadar Bazaar is one of the largest wholesale markets in India. It offers a vast range of products including textiles, electronics, spices, household items, and more.

Chandni Chowk: This is a popular market located near Red Fort and is known for textiles, clothing, electronic goods, wedding-related items and hardware.

Nehru Place: Here is the Asia’s largest computer hardware, software, and electronics market. If you are looking for electronics, technology related products and computer hardware at best wholesale price, this is the perfect place to go.


Crawford Market: It is Situated in South Mumbai, Crawford Market is a popular wholesale market known for its fresh produce, spices, dry fruits, and pet supplies. You can also find a wide range of  clothing, accessories, and household goods.

Kalbadevi Market: This street is famous for buying textiles, jewelry, and traditional Indian garments. It is  a good market for sarees, lehengas, and other ethnic wear.

Zaveri Bazaar: This market is popular for buying jewelry and gemstones.

Dharavi: Here you can find wide range of leather goods, textiles, accessories, jewellery and small-scale manufacturing goods.


Chickpet Market: is a busy wholesale market known for textiles, particularly sarees, dress materials, and fabrics. It’s a great place to explore traditional Indian clothing.

SP Road: A major hub for electronic goods, computer hardware. spare parts, home appliances, mobile phones, and much more.


Burrabazar: One of the largest, oldest wholesale markets in India, dealing in textiles especially silk and cotton fabrics, electronics, jewelry, electronics, and household goods.

Mullick Ghat Wholesale Flower Market: Located near the Howrah Bridge, the Wholesale Flower Market in Kolkata is 130 years old, one of the largest flower markets in Asia. It offers a stunning variety of fresh flowers and is a major hub for florists and event planners.


Johari Bazaar: It is a jewellery lover’s paradise. This market is famous for Jaipur jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals.

Nehru Bazaar: Here you can purchase textiles, garments and clothing, traditional Juttis and handicrafts.


The city in Punjab popularly known as ‘Manchester of Punjab’ is one of the biggest Hosiery and textiles products market in India.


Sultan Bazaar: Known for textiles, clothing, jewelry and decor goods.

LAAD BAZAAR : Located near Charminar, the market is famous for unique jewelery pieces and bangles.


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