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Top 50 Items Imported From China To India-Choose Yours To Resell

This infographic contains the list of items imported from China to India that online sellers may find helpful in identifying hot selling products.

If you want to make big money, importing products from China and reselling online in India is one of the smartest decisions you will make as an e-commerce entrepreneur. This also helps you to gain exposure to the international market.

Once you identify your killer products, you can also sell globally on eBay, Amazon or on your online store.

Please note, this is a list of items imported both for online and for offline trading, but you can have an idea of trending items that are in demand and online market is no different from the traditional market.

But, this does not mean that products that you want to sell don’t have potential. Almost anything sells online. You just need to have a creative idea and sell something different.

Of course, choosing products to sell online is not an easy task and requires lots of efforts on your part. A smart way to minimize your work is to hire some expert to do this research which may be a costly option.

If you already deal in a brand or have offline retail business, go ahead and add products by importing in that niche. But, if you are just starting and are struggling to find a suitable product, this list is for you.

If you are ready to start importing, Alibaba is the best place to search and buy millions of Chinese products. I have written a detailed post. Check this out:

How To Import From China To Sell Online In India For Big Profits

Here’s the list of items imported from China to India:

Disclaimer: This information is taken from the exhaustive list provided by dutycalculator(Pitney Bowes) at the time of publishing this post (April 2017) which may change in the future. 

Items imported from China to India


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