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Dropshipping Business India – Sell Without Inventory

Dropshipping Business India

In recent years, dropshipping business has become quite popular. Dropshipping is the method where a retailer gets the order shipped from a manufacturer to a customer’s home directly. You don’t need to hold any inventory and don’t have to worry about shipping the product.

You also have the opportunity to take your business to a global level. 

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Benefits of Dropshipping

So, if you don’t have a product to sell and you want to sell online without inventory, dropshipping business is an ideal option.

The most important step while starting dropshipping business is to  find a killer, trending product to sell that has a great demand. After this, find a reliable and trustworthy supplier with whom you would like to build long-term business relationship.

Find suppliers who are catering to the Indian market and are willing to ship to India. 

GET GST number and IEC (Importer Exporter Code).

Essential things to check with the supplier are: Shipping and delivery time, mode of payment, return & replacement policy, your profit margin and GST compliance.

Then, you need to open your dropshipping store. Customers give order, and you transfer the order to the supplier who will ship to customers’ address, and  you will receive  your profit margin after the sale is complete. 

Shopify is one of the best platforms to create an online store.

Create an account on Shopify to get free 15 days trial. You can also choose “Buy button” if you have your own website. 

After creating your online store:

Install Oberlo dropshipping app from the Shopify app store to your online store. Oberlo is the world’s leading dropshipping app that makes things easier for you to launch your business.

There are thousands of suppliers to choose from. You can finalize the products and suppliers based on products, location, price and other parameters within the app. Just import these products in your Shopify store.

Then write product name, title, description in detail and integrate Indian payment gateways like Razorpay. You are ready to sell. 

If you need any specific information to be mentioned in product description, you can get it from the supplier. 

The supplier you select will be notified automatically when you receive an order, and will take care of shipping and fulfilling the order placed. 

You must have seen one-product stores where only one product is sold. This is the type of online store that is becoming popular and favorite for drop shippers across the world. All you need to do is to find unique goods that are hard to find anywhere else and that also at cheaper price.

After everything is set up, you will need to advertise your online store to attract customers. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the ideal platforms to promote your drop shipping store.


Dropshipping challenges

Refunds & returns

If a customer doesn’t like the product and want to replace or to get a refund, it might be a problem as a dropshipper. If you are selling your own product, you don’t have any pressure, but when you are dependent on third party suppliers, you need to be careful.

To avoid this, mention your return policy clearly in your website after making things clear with the supplier before listing product. You should also be prepared to give a refund from your own pocket if the need be.

Legal problems

When supplier sends fake or products that were not promised. This especially happens when you are selling branded and health related products. So be careful while choosing products so the possibility of counterfeit/ other risks is minimum.

Dropshipping Business India

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